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Beauty Skin Spa Facials


Herbal Signature

60 minutes ……….75

This is a soothing, cleansing and hydrating treatment. Pamper yourself with this organic herbal facial with deep exfoliation and fresh made herbal mineral mask.

Herbal Youth

75 minutes……….95

This is an Anti-aging facial. Infuses skin with lots of pure organic nutrients and vitamins, some of our Herbal Youth ingredients are extremely powerful to improve your skin’s fine lines and elasticity. It’s a facial created for skin rejuvenation and re-energization.

Ultimate Hydro Herb

80 minutes……….115

This exceptional facial’s powerful antioxidants and hydrating elements visibly reduce the fine lines and wrinkles, help skin cells re-store moisture and nutrition and leaves your skin smooth and radiant. The massage relaxation from this facial is a great enjoyment!


Acne Purifying

75 minutes……….95

This facial starts with our deep pore, anti-bacteria cleansing. It continues with a very detailed extraction to remove black heads, white heads and acne ruptures . We make sure the pus in the pores and inflamed areas gets cleaned and treated with our effective acne control formulas. The facial ends with an exclusive herbal mask for calming, soothing and anti-inflammation.

Express Herbal

30 minutes……….45

This is a perfect facial for people who are busy and on the go. You can also use this facial to maintain your skin condition between our other facials. It’s a simple yet refreshing treat for you.

Glyco Radiance

60 minutes……….95

Glyco Radiance is a natural, mild, skin resurfacing which rapidly exfoliates and renews the skin . It’s very good for sun damage, acne scars, enlarged pores, dead skin cells and rough skin conditions.



Waxing is one of the most popular hair removal methods in America. Waxing usually gives you longer time for hair to grow back and a natural smooth feeling compared to razor hair removal. Our wax contains different natural herbs for different skin and body areas to ensure the best quality and a great waxing experience.




Half Legs………38

Full Legs……….65

Bikini Line……..30

Ultra Slim Line………40



Full Arms …………..45

Under Arms…………25


Upper Back………..30

Full Back……………60

Please inquire about pricing for other areas.


Thousands of customers have received microdermabrasion treatment at Simply Slim. With this particle resurfacing treatment you can see immediate improvements in your skin’s appearance. This unique approach removes dead, flecking skin cells and promotes the production of fresh, young skin cells and collagen.


Microdermabrasion help you:

• Smoothing our fine lines and wrinkles

• Minimizing small facial scars

• Minimizing blotchy skin pigmentation

1 session…………..125 now NEW price 80

6 sessions…………680 now NEW price 415

• Repairing sun damaged skin

• Reducing uneven rough skin texture

• Reducing blemishes

Simply Slim's In-Store & Mobile Tanning Service

Why is it Different?

Our system is not your ordinary airbrush tan. It is capable of spraying a full body within 5 minutes with flawless results and a natural looking tan without the streaking or the odor. You can literally spray a face without it getting in the hair or on the clothes.Difference About Our Tanning Solution:

Developed in Australia, our solution is unlike most other solutions available in the current market. We use only natural ingredients and our solution is not chemically treated in any way. You now have the peace of mind of being able to tan any skin type, no matter how light or dark, to their natural tanning color, without the mess, streaking or odor.

Our solutions contain no alcohol, glycerin, oils, or preservatives, an important consideration, we believe, for spray-on tanning formulations.

tan girl

Our mobile tanning service is happy to serve you at your convenience, save your time and energy; we also offer group tanning discounts.

We do mobile tanning for:

* Individuals and groups getting ready to go on vacation
* Any type of party of special event
* Weddings
* Photo shoots
* High school and collage events
* Much, much more

To set up a schedule, please call: 408-557-8188




(We kindly remind you that since we are going to arrange our business around your time, please give us cancellation notice at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If advanced notification is not made we are entitled to charge 50% of the regular price of the tanning service.)

Tip For Getting Better Tanning Results:

Before Tanning:tan girl

* Exfoliate your body before the application.
* Do not apply moisturizer at this stage.
* Wear attire suitable for tanning. We suggest dark shorts or a swim suit.
* It's better to not wear make up.

After Tanning:

Once your tan is applied, you must allow it to dry completely. As a precaution, do not wet your skin for at least 5 hours after tanning. Showering the following morning is the best option. We also recommend you do not exercise or perspire excessively between the tanning and the showering phase. When showering, don't be concerned if some color washes off. This is the initial bronzer and won't affect the color of your tan. Apply moisturizer twice daily after showering. This reduces the rate at which your skin exfoliates and will keep your tan looking better for longer. Try not to take long hot baths, spas, or extended swimming sessions.

Needle-Free Mesotheropy -- Cellulite Killer Treatment!

Media About Needle Free Mesotherapy

Eporex needle free Mesotherapy treatment, has recently been featured on National TV, Local Radio and in a variety of high profile health, beauty and fashion magazines.

It has been featured in magazines including Celebs, Elle, & Real, which all gave positive coverage.

You can click on one the images to see a larger version

What is Needle free Mesotherapy?

Eporex needle free mesotherapy, as it suggests, does not involve needles but sends a special electrical wave through the ingredients pushing them painlessly through the skin. ( Technology known as Isophoresis). It can improve a wide range of aesthetic conditions by introducing amino acids, vitamins, and minerals beneath the skin.

What else needle free mesotherapy can do?

This amazing needle free mesotherapy gives great results for the cellulite problem. It also does a great job for: stretch mark reduction, beer belly reduction, fat reduction, face lifting, and acne treatment.

A comprehensive approach

Needle free Mesotherapy usually requires 10 treatments or more and by-monthly touchups to maintain the benefit. Missed or skipped treatments are probably not critical to the final outcome, but a consistent pattern of treatment is important to optimize the results.

As a more complete approach to the cellulite problem, we do encourage you to continue (or start) an exercise program and follow a health diet. Crash dieting and starvation are not necessary and may be undesirable.

How long for each treatment?
The combination of the procedure always is better solution, for cellulite, we spend 20 min for the no-needle mesotherapy part, and another 20 to 35 min for other property procedure. (The combination of the procedure will depend on individual's condition).

Is the procedure painful?
No needle, No pain. You may experience mild tingling or pulsing sensation, or some people describe feel muscle twitching.

Is Needle free Mesotherapy right for me?
Treatment is safe and can be used on almost anyone. There are on internal effects. Pregnancy, severe diabetes and certain significant medical disorders are contraindications to treatment. Extreme obesity while not an absolute contraindication, may represent a unique metabolic state and not likely to respond effectively to treatment. Continued during the course of therapy is also undesirable and unwise.


Our satisfaction backs up guarantee
We know our Needle Free Mesotherapy works. The knowledge allows us to make a specific guarantee to each of our clients.

Call or make an online appointment for you free consultation to learn the details.




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